Case Study: Transforming Church Outreach with Google PPC – The Success Story of St. Mary’s Church

Best Decision Marketing’s Google PPC campaign for St. Mary’s Church increased website traffic by 180%, online donations by 250%, and new member registrations by 30% in six months, enhancing community engagement and visibility.

No new members, no tithe.




St. Mary’s Church


Faith-Based Nonprofit Organization


South Florida


Increase community engagement, drive online donations, and expand church membership through effective digital marketing strategies, specifically leveraging Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.


St. Mary’s Church wanted to reach more people and get them involved, but they weren’t getting much attention online. They asked Best Decision Marketing for help.

Challenge: The funeral home faced intense competition from other funeral homes in the area. They wanted to increase their visibility and attract more clients to their business.

What we did


Picked the Right Keywords:

Found words people search for, like “church events near me” and “donate to church.”

Created Great Ads:

Made ads that showed what the church offers and encouraged people to click.

Optimized Landing Pages:

Designed web pages that made it easy for visitors to find information and donate.

Focused on the Local Area:

Targeted ads to people living near the church.

Tracked Performance:

Used tools to see which ads worked best and made improvements.


More Website Visitors:

Increased by 180%. More people visited the church’s website, learning about their events, services, and mission.

More Online Donations:

Grew by 250%. This increase in funds helped the church support more programs, events, and community services.

More New Members:

Sign-ups increased by 30%. More people joined the church, expanding the congregation.

These results had a significant impact:


More Filled Seats on Sundays:

With more people learning about the church, Sunday services saw higher attendance. The church was able to fill more seats, creating a more vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Increased Community Engagement:

As new members joined, they brought their friends and family, further increasing participation in church activities and events.

More Volunteers:

The rise in new members also meant more people were willing to volunteer. This boosted the church’s ability to organize events, support community initiatives, and maintain church operations smoothly.

Stronger Financial Support:

The increase in online donations provided the church with more resources to fund its missions, support those in need, and improve church facilities.




Online Donations




The Google ads campaign, managed by Dustin Williams at Windsor Industries Limited, helped St. Mary’s Church get noticed online, leading to more visitors, donations, and new members. This translated to more filled seats on Sundays, more volunteers, and stronger community engagement. It showed how effective digital marketing can be for churches, turning online visibility into real-world growth.

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I am incredibly grateful for the transformation we’ve witnessed in our church community thanks to the exceptional marketing support we received. Seeing our seats filled every Sunday and watching our congregation grow day by day has been a true blessing. We increased our attendance and also strengthened our sense of community and connection.

Grace Community Church

Pastor John Andrews